Dear Delhi Metro,

Dear Delhi Metro,

Today as I was travelling as a Delhi metro passenger for the zillionth time, I realized that I really needed to tell you this: I hate you.


 I hate the unbelievably huge crowd I have to push through just to walk two steps at Rajiv Chowk. I hate the aunty who asks me to ‘adjust’ in my seat when there’s clearly no more room for another person. I hate the never ending queues at the token counter when I forget my metro card. I hate the subtle war with another passenger who is eyeing the same just- emptied seat as me. I hate the boredom from travelling two hours for a place that’s merely twenty minutes away. I hate the exhaustion from standing for those two straight hours. I hate the times when the coach is so full the AC is rarely even effective. I hate that I am not even allowed to eat, even if I haven’t had anything since morning. I hate that people will always try and barge inside an already full coach, even when they can see that the doors won’t even freakin’ close. I hate that I have to fear for my laptop’s well being (even mine, sometimes) when people will not stop leaning on it. I hate the power cuts, the delays, the inefficiency, the ‘inconvenience’that you clearly do not regret.

Who am I, you ask?

I am the college student who is independent enough to travel on my own, because of you. I am the passionate artist who sits on the platform to practice live sketching, and marvel at the beautiful paintings some stations exhibit. I am the office-goer who would have to be stuck in loud, frustrating traffic if not for you. I am the young girl who feels safe travelling after dark, because of the security of your confines. I am the silent observer who loves to look at the different people around me and analyse their every action, I am the extrovert who loves greeting strangers every day. I am the teenage girl who looks at the different outfits of all women in the ladies’ coach. I am the poor navigator who does not know the roads from home to work. I am the kid who feels super badass when I eat a snack on the train, even though it’s not allowed. I am the immigrant who is tired of being unfairly charged and cheated by autowallahs. I am the happy little kid who loves jumping high enough to touch the handles that hang from the ceiling. I am the street shopper who has come to your refuge, to save myself from the scorching Delhi heat. I am the music lover, who eavesdrops on fellow passengers’ music; the book lover who reads other people’s books from the corner of my eyes, the traveller who just can’t get enough of Delhi and the people who live in it. I am the teacher who grades papers on the commute, the student who is happiest in whiling away my time. I am the rich guy whose car broke down, the poor fellow who is too tired for travelling in a DTC bus.

And you? You are everything Delhi is: sophisticated and chaotic, lavish and cramped, beautifully designed but not carefully handled, crowded and annoying but colourful and full of life.

But I will, under no circumstances, ever say that I love you. However, I will most definitely tell you this:

I hate you. I hate you, but I cannot imagine my life without you.



The Delhiite





Whether it’s making things up with a friend, or finishing those guitar lessons you signed up for, there’s always that one task, one part of our life, that we leave unfinished.

We convince ourselves we don’t have to do it, because ‘it doesn’t matter anymore’ or we’ve ‘grown out of it’, but deep down, you know some part of you will always want it.
You will only outgrow that desire to learn that sport once you’ve learnt it. Only get over that paralysing fear once you face it.

No, it’s not something you don’t want anymore. Not something you weren’t meant to do anyway. Not just a crazy fantasy.

It’s your unfinished chapter. And the first step to finishing it, is admitting that you want to.
Because whether you like it or not, you’ll NEVER be able to get over it. All you can do is finish it.
Finish that bridge and cross it over, because the view from the other side is beautiful.

Is Modern Art Really Art?

Modern art ain't just about a few strokes on a canvas.

Not just about a few strokes on a canvas.

Standing in an art museum, staring at a piece of black canvas with three white stripes painted on it, I find myself wondering, “Is this really art?”

And I’m not the only one who has my doubts about labeling modern art as ‘Art.’ Most critics have pointed out how modern art should be off the wall because “a five year old could have done it.” Is modern artwork really a pointless piece of shit that artists are able to pass off as thought provoking and deep, just to collect an enormous sum of money? Do the people who appreciate modern art really just pretend to do so because they think they’re missing the point or are not creative enough to understand what the artist wanted to say?

Before we can answer any of those questions and decide if contemporary art really deserves to be called art, we need to ask ourselves what really constitutes art. What can be termed as art, what doesn’t deserve to, and who decides?

The answers to those questions are what really matter. Also, the answers to those questions do not exist.

However, one thing I can be sure of, is that art is nothing but a medium of expression. It is not about beauty, not about creating an exact replica on canvas, not about showing what the viewer wants to see. It’s about expressing what the artist believes. Art can be depressing, uplifting, haunting or rejuvenating. But what’s important is that it invokes emotion. It can be a window the world of the artist, or the window through which the artist sees the world.

Modern art, in all these aspects, has achieved its purpose. Even if it infuriates you, you cannot deny that it does leave an impact. Creativity and originality have never been more important than they are today. Artists seek to create something unique, something that helps them share their ideas. It does not matter if they have the skill to draw or paint, but if they are determined enough to make themselves heard.

Artist Subodh Gupta, through his creations, brings out the beauty of ordinary day to day objects that are a part of every Indian household. Coming from the state of Bihar, he faced heavy criticism and prejudice, as he was mocked for being a ‘Bihari’ by everyone he met. Through his works, Mr. Gupta boldly expresses his attachment to his state, and his pride in being a Bihari.

Subodh Gupta's message to the world about his pride in being who he is.

Subodh Gupta’s message to the world about his pride in being who he is.

Being a rebel is not something uncommon in artists. From Vincet Van Gogh to Picasso, Pop art to expressionism, every art movement, every rebelling artist strives to bring about a change in the way people perceive art. They strive to establish how art really is about breaking the rules, expressing what you feel, and standing for what you believe in.

And if you think that modern art is the easiest form of art that could be created, think again. How easy can it be to come up with a different idea every time? To express yourself in mediums that are not even remotely related to art? To present a complex idea in a simple, comprehendible manner? You think you could have created it, but the fact is that you could only have replicated it. 

One lifetime is not enough to complete all the work one can possibly do.

One lifetime is not enough to complete all the work one can possibly do.

The beauty of modern art is that it can have a hundred different meanings, other than what the artist originally meant it to be. It gives you the opportunity to think, interpret, and reflect. The greatest strength of modern art is that you don’t just see it, you feel it.

And when you look at a piece of modern art and think “a five year old could have done it,” you’re forgetting that every five year old is an artist! (the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.)

10 Reasons having a crazy, close-knit family is the best thing ever!


While most of your friends keep complaining about their relatives and how they wish they didn’t exist, you know you wouldn’t trade yours for the world. You couldn’t imagine your life without the crazy weddings where you ran around pulling pranks and dancing like retards, those sleepovers where you stayed awake gossiping and watching movies with your cousins, those family gatherings where you laughed till you cried.

If you can relate to everything written above, you know you’re one lucky person. And here are 10 reasons you love your “bunch of crazies” to bits:

1. Family gatherings are unbelievably fun – You look forward to family gatherings because you know they’ll always be fun, and moreover because you’d get to meet your family, probably after a long time.

2. Inside jokes– No one could ever understand how well you connect with your relatives, and how many inside jokes you have, thanks to a lifetime of talking and laughing together.

3. Vacations are never long enough– Vacations are meant for staying at your relatives’ places with your cousins, and spending all your time lazing around, eating junk food, and getting pampered by your aunts.

4. Your elder cousins are always there for you– You look up to your elder cousins, and can count on them for giving sound advice. They were there for you when you couldn’t decide what you wanted to be, they guided you through all the options you could choose from, and when you finally chose your career path, they offered unconditional support, and believed in you even when you didn’t.

5. You are always there for your younger cousins– Just like you look up to your elder cousins, your baby cousins look up to you. Their faith in you makes you want to be a better person, and be just as good as they think you are. You can never forget the first time your three-year old cousin said your name, and how your heart skipped a beat when they did.

6. You have the coolest aunts– They pamper you, joke with you, side with you, but can also be strict with you when you need it. In fact, they’re pretty much like mothers to you, minus the constant nagging and arguments (which is even better!).

7. Only they know just how delicious your grandma’s food is– And appreciate it as much as you do. No matter where you go, what you eat, you will always come back to your grandma for cooking you your favourite dish. Only she knows how to cook it right, just the way you like it.

8. They know every single thing about you– Your childhood dreams, your wildest fantasies, your weirdest habits, your most irrational fears- E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. The only downside to that would be how they also know your most embarrassing childhood stories!

9. Festivals have a charm of their own– Festive moments are special when shared with your loved ones, and you know how true that is! It’s funny how those small rituals strengthen the bond between all of you, but you’re more than glad that they do. You have endless fun during celebrations, and wish they never ended.

10. They will always be there. – Whoever said that change is the only constant in life was wrong. Your family is. They were there from your first day in play school, to your last day in grade 12. And you know that no matter how much your life changes, how many friends you make, how many friends you lose, your crazy, retarded family will always stay the same. Always.

“I am not like most of the girls.”

– Most of the girls.

When was the last time someone accused you of ‘acting like a girl’ and you liked it?

The answer is more than obvious.

I recently read the following post on a page, and I couldn’t help but think about how much it talks about the society we live in!


Why am I not surprised!

If women do not want to associate with being girly, who can blame men for thinking of them as the inferior beings!

Today, you’ll find a majority of women hating pink, not because they hate pink, but because they’ve grown up to believe that pink equals girly, which equals lame. Love for sports equals being tough, daring and strong. Love for fashion? It simply means that you’re not smart enough to debate politics, or not strong enough to be on your own!

The moment you see an overly womanly woman, you almost instinctively start believing that she’s not independent or confident enough, and that she doesn’t stand a chance in the real world. On the other hand, a tomboy, or a woman who loves to talk about how much she hates girly stuff, comes out as a strong-headed person, who wouldn’t take shit from anyone.

Lately, all our newsfeeds have been filled with posts about how being a lady isn’t the coolest thing to be, or how the girls who grew up playing in the dirt or climbing trees have had the best childhoods ever. About how having more guy friends than girl friends makes you avoid drama, and how girls have nothing better to do other than gossiping, or backbiting about all other women.

If you think the same way, I’m sorry, but you’re no different than all those girls whom (you believe) judge other girls on everything they do.

Doesn’t “being a lady” not involve having the courage to stand up for yourself, and being bold enough to make yourself heard? I don’t think so. Girls who love Disney princesses more than pokemon can be smart enough to run a company, or come up with revolutionary ideas. They can save themselves, and handle their own shit, instead of waiting for their knight in shining armor.

Because, acting like a girl is NOT an insult.

In fact, given the way society looks down upon every ‘girly’ trait, acting like a girl simply means that you have the courage to be yourself, and to not care about what people think about you. It means you’re confident in your own skin, and that you don’t just blindly follow the rules of this male dominated society.

So the next time your fear of being accused of “playing like a girl” stops you from playing soccer, make sure you play, because honestly, it’s not an insult! (And then when it’s time to glam up and grab the spotlight, show them who’s the boss B| )

Don’t just follow trends. Set them.

#LikeAGirl. (And proud of it.)

Hello world!

This is my very first post.

You just wasted ten seconds of your life reading a completely useless sentence.

And now you did it again!

(Infinite loop)

Hope you don’t find the other posts a waste of time though! :)) Welcome to my blog 😋😘